Empower just-in-time research and analysis

  • Access deep news archive going back 40 years
  • Remain vigilant when vetting sources
  • Verify data and check your facts fast
  • Earn the trust of your audiences

With on-going attacks on the credibility of mainstream media, journalists, publishers and TV production companies must remain vigilant when vetting sources and verifying data.

LexisNexis® offers an unrivalled, global content collection, including a deep news archive going back 40 years, so that you can bring added context to current stories.

Need an interview subject? We have tools to help you identify the right people—from industry thought leaders to social influencers—so you can reach out when you need a quote for an impending article or an expert commentator for an upcoming broadcast.

Avoid a fake news faux pas

Thanks to round-the-clock news cycles and always-on social media, one tweet can turn into a worldwide sensation in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, it's easy to get caught up in the hype—especially when you have a deadline looming. More than once in recent years, reputable news organisations have had to retract a story because of flawed facts.

LexisNexis solutions empower just-in-time research and analysis, so you can check your facts fast, and earn the trust of your audiences.

Keep an eye on your brand

Fact-checking is more important than ever. LexisNexis brings together more than 26,000 premium sources—all in one place—so you can easily conduct background checks and in-depth research that will stand up to public scrutiny.

Keep tabs on your brand

Monitor news coverage, online reactions and public sentiment from social media, blogs, comments and forums, television clips, radio and beyond. The depth and breadth of our content also ensures that you can spot emerging stories sooner.

Monitor your brand

Our built-in analytics tools enable you to see how your brand ranks compared to competitors' in terms of sentiment, coverage and share of voice. Drag and drop, point and click—and instantly see where key influencers are talking about your brand.