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Business developmentWhen it comes to business development, you need awareness into what's happening in the moment—with your brand, markets, industry and competitors. But you also need insight into how today will impact your organisation well into the future. Otherwise, how can you hope to create long-term value from your customers, markets and relationships? 

LexisNexis solutions are designed to support you along that journey—from gathering information to analysing your findings to understand where new opportunities lie. It begins with our unparalleled, decades-deep news archive, global corporate information databases and critical industry, market and regulatory data.

Introducing Nexis®

Gain vital insights from a powerful research platform with customised alerts, analytical tools and an unmatched collection of sources from around the globe, including trusted current and archival news, company profiles, market and industry information—all in one place.

LexisNexis® Metabase

Near real-time news and social media coverage combined with advanced content enrichment—available from a single, unified API—enables you to deliver relevant data research, data analytics and business applications to spot emerging trends and respond quickly to market changes.

Media Intelligence Research & Analytics

Take advantage of our team of experienced analysts, consultants, and project managers to help you understand the media data at hand, achieve your goals, and drive actionable insights and intelligence for your organisation.

Research And Insights Solutions

Uncover the data and insight you need to make smarter business decisions

To develop successful growth strategies for your business it is vital to have accurate and current information about your industry, brand, and competitors. With LexisNexis you can access better information for better results - whether you want to analyse market trends, spot potential opportunities, or proactively identify emerging issues. If you are looking for a way to make your business development efforts work, Lexis Nexis® Solutions can support your journey all the way.

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Conduct research with confidence with LexisNexis®

Better information yields better results - so access expertly curated news, company information, social media, videos and industry reports - all in one user friendly platform with LexisNexis. Whether you want to deep dive into an industry, run competitive intelligence or uncover new trends to grow your business, our solution delivers on point research results, every time. With powerful indexing, filtering and analysis capabilities you can ensure your research leads to actionable insights and powerful results for your business.

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LexisNexis® Metabase API

Ensure you're seeing the full story by developing business strategies based on expertly curated, carefully indexed, global news and licensed content - including a 40+ year archive with LexisNexis. Our comprehensive content suite can be integrated into your existing platforms via API.

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Our research solutions will provide you with the facts and credible data you need to pursue innovation and better business strategies. Access competitive information, current market drivers, global and business news resources and legal information for evidence-based research and smarter analysis. With a new mobile app that allows our database to be accessible online, you can research on the go and make strategic decisions on the spot.

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Identify Credible Sources with LexisNexis®

Whether you want to see the hot topics your audiences are talking about for programme development, see what your competition is up to, or what's being said about your latest production - we've got you covered. Develop successful programming and business strategies based on the largest content collection available. Easily run social analytics, see share of voice, or audience sentiment to find the information you need to make the right decisions, every time.

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