Company Search

What is a company search?

In a nutshell, a company search tells you whatever you need to know – from general information to precise, in-depth details – about a particular company or business entity.

Ideally, company searches allow you to access all types of data on a company. A comprehensive company search provides more thorough information than you could uncover doing a routine free online search.

Why would you conduct a company search?

Having complete background information and timely business intelligence is critical to your work. Company searches can provide you with invaluable research and information that can help you make more strategic, better-informed decisions and positively impact your business.

For instance, company searches can:

  • uncover hidden connections between people, companies, and assets that could influence how you conduct business
  • allow you to gain powerful insights into the fundamental details of the competitors in your industry
  • keep you informed so you can stay ahead of the curve – giving your business a potential competitive advantage
  • help you pinpoint competitors, new markets, potential partners, vendors, and other business opportunities.

How does company search work?

Robust company searches can quickly and effectively research people, companies, and industries to provide you with:

  • the latest news
  • company information, including parent company info, subsidiary data, and partnerships
  • biographical information about executives and employees
  • financials and financial analysis
  • legal information
  • regulatory data
  • industry research
  • market research
  • and more.

To effectively deliver this breadth of information, the company search facility needs access to:

  • news sources
  • company profiles and reports
  • public records
  • social media
  • videos
  • photographs
  • industry reports
  • and more.

The right company search

What’s more, you want the right company search. In other words, you want a search facility that can deliver the breadth and depth of information you need. Finding the relevant information that matters most in a timely manner means better insights and faster implementation for you and your business.

You also want to know that you can count on the information you receive – that it comes from reliable, reputable sources. You need to know with certainty that the research and insights you’re basing your decisions on are legitimate – no ‘fake news’ here! – and accurate, so you can instantly and confidently react to company and industry changes and challenges.

Plus, given the vast abundance of information that’s available in the digital age, you want your company search results to cut through the ‘noise’. The information you receive should be compiled and presented in a way that’s not only easy to interpret, but also meaningful – and useful – to you. Getting all the facts is one thing. But seeing how they all fit together for the benefit of your business is quite another.

Again, you don’t want to depend on a cursory online search for this company-critical information and insight. And certain paid search services can take you only so far – they just don’t have the range of access or data to make it worth your while.

Fortunately, there are professional research tools, processes and services available for conducting high-quality, expertly curated company searches.

What’s next? Nexis®

Enter Nexis® from LexisNexis.

For company search, Nexis combines comprehensive information collection with advanced search tools to help you make better business decisions.

Nexis has an unmatched collection of premium news and business sources. It aggregates information from more than 36,000 international news and business outlets, as well as from thousands of business-relevant websites, blogs, and forums. Tens of thousands of sources and millions of documents are at your disposal for company research.

Plus, Nexis’ archives date back more than 40 years, so it provides results that can serve up the whole picture, rather than just the most recent headlines. And those archives are constantly growing – Nexis adds to its portfolio every minute, every hour, every day. It’s a comprehensive collection of reliable information that’s unavailable anywhere else.

But it’s also so much more than that. It delivers critical insights that draws on:

  • global news
  • company and industry information
  • unparalleled public records (more than 37 billion!)
  • integrated web news
  • legal information.

It’s advanced search tools include:

  • a customisable search form for crafting your search
  • LexisNexis SmartIndexing technology, which identifies related documents that might not contain your exact search terms
  • Nexis Alerts, to keep you up to date on news and other content
  • shareable analysis and visualisation tools, such as charts and graphs for pinpointing trends.

The Nexis suite of tools can help you:

  • control costs – save money by consolidating multiple subscriptions to outside publications
  • increase efficiencies in information collection
  • improve confidence in your business decisions, thanks to trusted information
  • enrich business development
  • identify and acquire new customers and business opportunities
  • understand and gain valuable insight into your market and your competitors.

Ultimately, Nexis helps businesses collect, manage, and use information more productively. With the unique knowledge and insights you glean with Nexis, you’ll be able to make educated business decisions from a position of strength.