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conduct researchWe live in a fast-paced world—and keeping up with what matters most is an on-going challenge for researchers, knowledge managers and information professionals. Where can you find trusted, well-vetted news and information to drive intelligent, informed decisions?

Capture the business intelligence you need from a source you can trust. LexisNexis® offers a range of innovative solutions to help you access critical, global content including current and archival news; company, market and industry information; and more.

When it really matters, this is where you want to be for depth, breadth and the kind of intelligent searching that is the hallmark of LexisNexis

Introducing Nexis®

Gain vital insights from a powerful research platform with customised alerts, analytical tools and an unmatched collection of sources from around the globe, including trusted current and archival news, company profiles, market and industry information—all in one place.

LexisNexis Newsdesk®

Carry out media monitoring and analysis across print, online, broadcast and social media channels— from one platform—so you can quickly search, analyse and share critical intelligence with colleagues and clients.

Media Intelligence Research & Analytics

Take advantage of our team of experienced analysts, consultants, and project managers to help you understand the media data at hand, achieve your goals, and drive actionable insights and intelligence for your organisation.

Research And Insights Solutions

Uncover the data and insight you need to make smarter business decisions

Trusted and well-vetted information is critical for robust research. At LexisNexis we pride ourselves on delivering a world-class suite of comprehensive content that researchers can rely on to deliver the right results, every time. Our solutions provide access to critical, global content that includes market and industry information as well as archived news that will drive intelligent, informed decisions for your projects. Boost your research effectiveness with our innovative solutions.

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Build your business with LexisNexis®

Our tools boost your effectiveness in conducting market research, so you can discover new opportunities and build successful strategies for your business. Our comprehensive content suite gives you the full story to enable you to make the right decisions. Our content collection is complemented by a combination of human expertise and innovative algorithms to support powerful indexing, which results in faster uncovering of relevant information.

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LexisNexis® Metabase API

Power your research by integrating real-time open web and licensed content, plus social media, into your existing database or application via a single XML data feed. With Lexis Nexis® you can be confident in the results your research delivers as our world-class content is expertly curated, carefully indexed and tagged, and is trusted by thousands of researchers worlwide every day.

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With a database of over 40,000 critical news and business sources and a 40+ year archive, Nexis® delivers the right research results every time. Get the full story rather than just the headlines by diving behind paywalls, accessing gated content and using our powerful indexing and analytics functionality. Our global collection of content, from company profiles to industry, legal and regulatory information are all curated by experts with sources being updated daily all to help you uncover the most relevant data fast.

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Identify Credible Sources with LexisNexis®

In the world of production and programming reputation is paramount. Ensure your interviewer has the right questions to ask, your guests are appropriately vetted and your contestants don't have skeletons in their closets by doing robust research with LexisNexis. We offer the only news archive going back over 40 years, along with expertly curated and daily updated global news and licensed content collection. Open web results might be free, but the cost of damaging your brand's reputation could be huge. Book your demo of Nexis today.

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