Nexis®: Business Research Solution

ThumbnailOver 40,000 critical news and business sources – expertly curated just for you.

Behind every smart decision is good information. With Nexis, you can turn our world class data into actionable insights by finding precisely what you need when you need it.

Nexis strategically curates the most robust global collection of trusted premium and web news, company profiles, legal content, and industry information, which are standardised and indexed for you to easily uncover the most relevant data.

Turn Business Research Into Action

Want to uncover information on a competitor? Looking for any negative news on a TV guest’s past? Digging into current market drivers? We got you covered. All within one powerful solution, you can find the information critical to making smart business moves and staying ahead of the competition.

When you're looking for company, financial, or regulatory information, use Nexis® to quickly research across global news and business resources.

Alongside news from around the world, the Nexis research tool provides a database to search through biographical, company, regulatory and legal information that just isn't available anywhere else.

When you need to make decisions fast, a business research tool like Nexis is crucial for understanding industry news and turning insights into action.

Nexis is our flagship business and media research solution, empowering you to:

Get the Full Story with Relevant News Sources

Tap into a stellar collection of over 40,000 premium sources curated by our experts, including news and media sources, business information, legal documents, public records, and more.

Stay on Top of Critical News

Stay on top of critical news that matters to you – not just general media research, but also company, financial, and industry information – with easy-to-schedule alerts.

Move Mountains With a Click

Reduce data overload with LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology, which lets you refine your news and company searches across our incredible collection quickly and easily.

Access Smarter Analysis

Get a transparent look at media coverage and industry trends with a few clicks – no need to laboriously compile data by hand with our inbuilt Nexis Analyzer function.

Translate Global News Sources for Greater Insight

Translate your results lists in any of our 57 supported languages, giving you greater access to critical news, company and industry insights, and international news sources from across the globe.

Research on the Go

Use our news database search from any mobile device to make on-the-spot strategic decisions, revisions, or updates – all through our Nexis News Search mobile app.

Stronger Decision-making

Gain unique insights from over 40,000 premium sources, including trusted news, company profiles, public records, industry information and social media content – all in one place.

Be in the Know

Stay on top of what's going on with competitors, potential business partners, and vendors with company searches – including their financials, legal history, and negative news mentions.

Intuitive Navigation

Nexis is easy to use – even for beginners – with intuitive navigation, source selection, and natural language search.

Research in a Flash

Eliminate time wasted on digging through irrelevant results with advanced search, indexing, and filtering capabilities that get you precisely the information you need.

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