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Nexis for Competitive Intelligence is the only all-in-one platform that makes identifying your competitive edge more seamless. We bring together the largest collection of global content and deliver it in a single platform so you can spend less time researching and more time driving strategy. Nexis for Competitive Intelligence complements your workflow allowing you to search, compare, pin, and share all of your findings.


Get a comprehensive view of the competitive landscape all on 1 platform with 3x the content - you'll spend less time juggling multiple competitive tools and more time driving strategy.



We are the only all-in-one platform with a 360 degree view across business-critical indicators, such as Intellectual Property, Litigation and M&A news - so you can compare using visualisation to identify opportunities and threats more efficiently.



Pin your findings so you can organise in real-time - capture, collate and annotate your findings to a pinboard where you create a narrative of actionable insights.



Seamlessly share your findings - no re-formatting required - so you’re busy building new business strategies and not presentations.


Competitive Intelligence that keeps you ahead

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