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3 June 2017 11:29am
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Egon Zehnder has a track record of more than 50 years of providing executive leadership in the face of changing economic conditions, emerging opportunities and evolving business goals. The company focusses on delivering board advisory services, CEO and leadership succession planning, executive search and assessment as well as leadership development consultancy. With more than 400 consultants in 69 offices based in 41 countries across the globe, from Moscow to Melbourne and Buenos Ayres to Beijing, the company has built a reputation for working closely with public and private corporations, family-owned enterprises as well as non-profit and government agencies.

The challenge: 

As part of its objective to ensure that it is fully aware of key issues around the globe that might impact both its own business and its clients', Egon Zehnder subscribes to a global news and information service that delivers insight into world events and key personnel.

In mid-2013 the company decided to review its news provider to see if a more comprehensive and effective solution was available. The company is rightly proud of having an extremely low staff turnover rate. However this can also lead to issues: many of the key research personnel had used the same news provider for many years and were familiar with the product. Whilst Egon Zehnder was hoping to improve the service provision from the news provider, it also had to ensure that the news partner delivered a seamless transfer from one service to another, with no impact on the day to day efficiency of staff.

The solution:

Having comprehensively researched the market, Egon Zehnder was impressed with the capabilities of LexisNexis®' Nexis® product. Nexis is a comprehensive collated database of more than 26,000 news and information sources, including company data, industry insight and biographies of executives. In addition Nexis provides regulatory, legal and public records content. All of the information is sourced from trusted sources that are licenced to Nexis, delivering the most comprehensive news and business information resource available.

To ensure the most effective handover possible, discussions between Egon Zehnder and LexisNexis began many months before the roll out of the service. Critical factors such as trialling across multiple countries, extensive training for a team based around the globe and a reassuringly high level of customer support convinced Egon Zehnder that Nexis was not only the most effective solution but, in the words of Susan Kelly of Egon Zehnder, "we felt that LexisNexis was a company that wanted to build a relationship with us, rather than see our interaction as a transaction."

Access to reliable information from trusted sources

Egon Zehnder's unique position in the marketplace, facilitating leadership at the highest levels of companies, meant that it was critical the company had not only a thorough understanding of its clients business issues and markets but could also back this up with relevant information. The fact that Nexis delivers a comprehensive database of news and information – from trusted sources such as international news wires; national, trade and local newspapers; industry and company information from respected industry reports – meant that Egon Zehnder's people could be sure the information was clear and comprehensive. The global reach of Nexis' sources also provides the necessary geographic scale for the company.

A refreshing approach to service

Egon Zehnder was looking for a true partnership rather than a supplier relationship. LexisNexis' comprehensive account management liaised with relevant offices around the globe. Egon Zehnder particularly appreciated the flexibility that LexisNexis demonstrated around training programmes, providing the information to help employees make the change from one system to another.

Having implemented Nexis, Egon Zehnder was impressed by LexisNexis' customer support which the company describes as "excellent". Particularly useful is Egon Zehnder's own interface, which is accessible via the company's intranet and provides access to additional hints and tips alongside help when required.

The benefits:

For Egon Zehnder, information is not a commodity but an asset that enables the organisation to function at an optimal level. LexisNexis' Nexis solution has helped the company stay on top of the latest news from a wide range of trusted global sources, supporting the business development activities of the company around the world. Susan Kelly, from Egon Zehnder, has been impressed from the start by the way LexisNexis approached implementing the Nexis product: "Our overall experience from the beginning and throughout our more than two year relationship has been extremely positive. We have a real partnership with LexisNexis."

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