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26 June 2017 3:25pm

The NSPCC is one of the largest charities in Britain. Its vision today remains the same as it was when it was founded in 1884: to end cruelty to children. Employing around 2,000 people across the UK and Channel Islands, the charity creates and delivers services that protect and support children, as well as providing advice to adults worried about children's wellbeing. The charity is committed to providing the most effective ways of helping children, from the neglected or abused to those with disabilities.
The challenge

To continue delivering first class support to children across the UK, the NSPCC relies on donations. Public generosity accounts for more than 90% of the charity's income of around £120 million per annum. The NSPCC employs around 300 professional fundraisers to support this mammoth task. Establishing and managing relationships to secure donations, particularly from corporates and high net worth individuals, is challenging. It is essential to identify relevant potential supporters and approach them in a professional and effective way, at a time when they are open to providing support. Research is critical to this. Up to date information on potential benefactors, both corporate and individual, helps the NSPCC identify people with an interest in children's issues and ensure that the approach is professional and relevant.

The solutions

The NSPCC chose Nexis® to provide relevant information on potential supporters. Nexis brings together information from a variety of sources accessible via one search for a complete picture of donor potential making funding research more effective with unique access to people, news and company information.

* Keep up-to-date with activities of current donors and individuals with donor potential including access to detailed biographical profiles
* Identify and locate key donor prospects, then determine if they are good candidates for your fund-raising efforts
* Uncover philanthropically oriented companies using news and financial reports
* Develop and maximize the effects of prospecting databases 

The benefits

Building up a clear and accurate picture of a prospect, whether to appeal for funding or to encourage volunteers to participate, means having access to a diverse range of information. "We may need to combine information on a person's local charitable activities with their business interests to create a full picture," comments Sofia Kelesidou, Senior Business Support Officer. "Access to Nexis' combination of regional and local resources along with biographies, national and international news enables us to do this easily. Combined with a 30 year archive, we can quickly develop an accurate picture of someone that we are researching."Whilst it is possible to get information from the open web, the NSPCC prefers to rely on Nexis for a number of reasons. Helen Carpenter, Senior Business Support Manager, believes: "We manage research more efficiently with Nexis and also tailor our data gathering to our exact needs. Nexis enables us to combine different sources of world news, industry and corporate information to provide a clearer overall picture. We can also save our results and run the same searches over time to build a consistent picture."

As a charity, the NSPCC is constantly looking to ensure that its costs are kept to the barest minimum. "Without Nexis we would need to employ far more people to do our job effectively and that would significantly outweigh the cost of the service," adds Helen. "We also appreciate the flexibility LexisNexis provides to us commercially."

Helen and Sofia regularly review the resources available to deliver relevant information to fundraisers. Helen cites support and training as one of the key reasons behind the long term relationship between the NSPCC and LexisNexis. "Last year we looked at a number of other information providers but nothing could match LexisNexis' customer service," comments Helen. "We also appreciate the proactive training programmes for new users as well as the fast response from customer support."

Charity fundraising and supporter relations have evolved immeasurably in the past 15 years, but one constant for the NSPCC has been the support Nexis provides to its fundraisers, notes Sofia. "Nexis provides access to a diverse range of sources and information around people's motivation to give, enabling us to quickly and effectively deliver the most relevant information to our fundraisers." Helen adds that Nexis provides what the NSPCC needs, "trusted, reliable information with a record of where it comes from that helps us generate the support to continue the NSPCC's critical work."

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