Identify Credible Sources with LexisNexis®

TV MediaWith on-going attacks on the credibility of mainstream media, journalists, publishers and TV production companies must remain vigilant when vetting sources and verifying data. 

LexisNexis® offers an unrivalled, global content collection, including a deep news archive going back 40 years, so that you can bring added context to current stories.

Need an interview subject? We have tools to help you identify the right people—from industry thought leaders to social influencers—so you can reach out when you need a quote for an impending article or an expert commentator for an upcoming broadcast.

Introducing Nexis®

Gain vital insights from a powerful research platform with customised alerts, analytical tools and an unmatched collection of sources from around the globe, including trusted current and archival news, company profiles, market and industry information—all in one place.

LexisNexis Newsdesk®

Carry out media monitoring and analysis across print, online, broadcast and social media channels— from one platform—so you can quickly search, analyse and share critical intelligence with colleagues and clients.

LexisNexis® Social Analytics

LexisNexis® Social Analytics (powered by Talkwalker). Get the most from the billions of social posts and conversations to monitor your brand, manage potential PR crises, and measure campaign effectiveness—all while offering insights into your social audiences.

Professional Services

Take advantage of our team of experienced analysts, consultants, and project managers to help you understand the media data at hand, achieve your goals, and drive actionable insights and intelligence for your organisation.

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