3 simple steps to high impact research results, that you need to apply to your work today.


In our top tips research guide ‘Digging Deep in 2018: Removing the Roadblocks to Real Results’ we break down three simple strategies for getting more out of your research in 2019.

More insights. More growth. More loyalty from customers who count on you as their source for what matters.

Access comprehensive global content for research with real results

Imagine having a dynamic tool that opens the door to a comprehensive collection of news, company, legal, regulatory and industry information with a 40 year archive.

Nexis is that tool. It enables you to get the facts you need with great efficiency, and helps you see how those facts fit together. It’s the reason why thousands of customers worldwide rely on Nexis to inform their business decisions.

With the power of Nexis you can:

  • Access the broadest collection of relevant and credible news and business content including global news, company, people, industry, country, legal and regulatory information and public records.
  • Search a purposely curated and strategically managed content collection, ensuring maximum value not just the largest volume.
  • Investigate industries and companies with in-depth industry overviews, company profiles, financials and SWOT analysis reports. Over 1,100 industries and 200M+ companies available.
  • Explore a growing collection of indexed web sources vetted by LexisNexis editors as authoritative and industry relevant.
  • Get the full picture with web and licensed news sources evaluated and added every day; find full-text news articles and deep archives not available on the web.
  • Identify relationships and find full person and company records in an unmatched public records collection with powerful search and linking technology.